Real estate issues can be difficult, and often require a creative approach to resolve the problem.  Litigation is not always the best solution, especially between neighbors who must live next door to each other after the lawsuit is over.  We are experienced in handling a wide variety of real estate law.  We help our clients buy, manage, and sell real estate.  We also help our clients with whatever ownership issues may appear and explore non-traditional approaches, as well as litigation, to solve such disputes.  


Our real estate law services include can assist you with:

 ·         Residential and commercial purchase and sale agreements

·         Contract drafting and negotiating

·         Real estate disputes

·         Real estate broker issues

·         Easement issues

·         Disputes with homeowners’ associations

·         Title disputes

·         Commercial leases

Anderson Hostnik PLLC has the knowledge and skills needed to assist you with your real estate needs. Please contact us for additional information or an initial consultation on your real estate matters.